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My boyfriend seems unhappy

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Ads and affiliate links help us run this site and show you the products we find helpful. You may find them in this post content. When our relationships are great, we feel happy, assured and empowered. But what if you suspect that your partner is… unhappy?

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13 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Unhappy In Your Relationship, Even Though Things Have Seemed Great

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Obviously, that's not realistic. Life is pretty long and sometimes people hit roughs patches that can take a toll on their happiness level. If you sense your partner is unhappy, it can feel like the end of the world or the end of your relationship, but that's not always the case.

To get to the root of the problem though, you have to figure out if there's a problem at all. Everyone feels unhappy sometimes and your partner will be more open to sharing those feelings of unhappiness with you if they feel like you're both in the same boat. It will show your significant other that there is no shame to be feeling how they are feeling, and it will offer them hope that hey can bounce back.

Once you've opened up that conversation, you can then bring it around to a question or statement more directed at your partner. Keep the tone gentle and non-accusatory so they can understand that what they're feeling is normal and common.

Could that be happening for you right now? Let them know they're not alone. If you are lucky enough to spend a lot of time with your partner, chances are you've both shared fantasies with each other. You might talk about what you'd do with a million dollars, what you'd change about yourself, or which celebrity you'd like to be.

Another good way to frame a conversation about a partner's potential unhappiness is similar to this. Ask your partner what they could have — realistically — from you or their life in general to improve it. If you make them comfortable and make it seem like just another hypothetical they'll be more likely to open up. From there, you may be able to either implement that change or use it as context for finding out what could be bothering them, if anything.

Buyer beware though: You should be prepared to hear something you may not like. Take the information in. What would be different in your life? What would remain the same? Sometimes honesty is really the best policy. If all of these routes seem counter-intuitive to you, you may just be better asking your partner point blank if there is something they would like to talk about and if there is anything you can do to help them if they are unhappy. This can work wonders because it will show them that you're intuitive, care enough to address their issues, and will get down to the point.

This approach does come with some risks though. It can be jarring to point out possible unhappiness out of the blue, so make sure you approach it with care. Don't reach for the question in a moment of frustration, but do it in a way that let's them know that you see how they might be hurting and that you want to help. Psychotherapist Gary Brown suggests a question like this:. I care about you and am concerned. Can you tell me what's happening for you? Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

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7 things you can do if you think your partner is unhappy

Obviously, that's not realistic. Life is pretty long and sometimes people hit roughs patches that can take a toll on their happiness level. If you sense your partner is unhappy, it can feel like the end of the world or the end of your relationship, but that's not always the case. To get to the root of the problem though, you have to figure out if there's a problem at all.

Maybe your partner no longer spends quality time with you or they seem unusually quiet. If you have the feeling that your significant other is not making an effort to fix your relationship or they suddenly become cold and distant, they might not be feeling happy to be with you anymore. Once you were on the top of their priority list.

If there are any significant changes, discuss them with your partner to determine what's behind them. Marriage is a big job. Don't say 'We'll figure it out later. However, doing everything together can create staleness in the relationship and is a great recipe for both partners to get sick of each other.

22 Questions to Ask If You Think Your Partner Is Unhappy

It happens to many girls, especially in long-term relationships. There are several reasons that you might be feeling unhappy regardless of how much you may love your boyfriend. Your reason may not be on this list because your relationship is unique. I can share some general reasons, but they may not apply to you exactly. One of the major situations that causes these feelings is long-term relationships. This is no one-night stand or random date. You might be getting used to the routine of your relationship. The two of you could be living together and stressed about money, work, and more.

10 subtle signs your partner is no longer happy in your relationship

Prefer to listen? Check out the related episode from the I Hear You podcast. Do any of these sound familiar? Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck, frustrated, resentful, or angry toward your partner? Whose job is it to make you happy?

Some not so happy. Loving a man who is struggling with unhappiness or even depression may not be easy, but it is possible.

Committing yourself to someone every single day takes work and no partnership is perfect. If you've ever wondered whether or not you hate your spouse seriously you're not the only one. But, there's a difference between the standard marital ennui and finding yourself questioning whether you're actually unhappy, or even in a loveless marriage. And if you are pondering that, you're also probably considering what you should do about it.

3 things to say if you suspect your partner is unhappy in your relationship

Regardless of the seriousness of your relationship, the feeling of not knowing what your partner's thinking is something everyone can all relate to. But let's face it, it's mentally exhausting trying to decode every text or dissect every conversation. And then there's the dilemma of whether you should say something or not?

Here are 7 things you can do and say to keep your partner and their happiness and by extension, yours in check. It involves really seeing them, the contributions they make, and highlighting them. If your partner works long hours and then takes on a lot of the work at home in the evenings so that you can pursue your passions, acknowledge them for that. Keep doing what makes you happy, stay rested, and take care of your own happiness. It will probably rub off eventually.

Signs You Might Be in an Unhappy Relationship

Up until now, you've felt like everything was going great in your relationship. You've been having fun with your partner, successfully dealing with problems, and living that couple life. But now things seem a bit off, and you can't shake the feeling that your partner is unhappy. Whether it snuck up on you over the course of a few years, or it dawned on you suddenly one night, it's great that you noticed. Not everyone picks up on problems in their relationship , or takes the time to assess the situation. Even your partner might not realize they're projecting negative vibes, or that they're unhappy. So consider it a step in the right direction that you've realized something's wrong. That's step one.

Nov 13, - How Do You Stay Connected When Your Partner is Unhappy? A Therapist Has Advice. “She may need something more than sympathy.” By.

Realizing my husband is unhappy is never a good feeling but it can serve as a doorway to a happier and stronger marriage. As I said above, becoming aware of the issue s is the first step to making your relationship better. There are a lot of signs your husband is unhappy that you can use to help you get a clearer idea of what the problem is.

I have a confession. Sometimes, when my partner is distracted, I just look at him and wonder, what the hell is happening in that head of his? It's not that he doesn't communicate. He does.

We might imagine it taking an important place at the centre of our life. The promise of a relationship can be a big part of what makes it such a joyful thing. Very few of us imagine that our relationship might one day become a source of sadness.





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