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My boyfriend is depressed about his divorce

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Updated: January 10, Reader-Approved References. No one said that helping a man get over a divorce was easy — especially if you're falling for him. However, if you really have a connection with the man, then you should make sure he's really over the divorce by talking to him about it, being a source of comfort and support, and doing new things with him. You should also make sure to be patient with him and take it slow so he has time to process everything that happened to him.

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Curing Your Divorce Hangover | Divorce Magazine

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Sign up for the Divorced Girl Smiling newsletter to receive weekly articles that might help you during and after your divorce! When people think of depression, they usually picture women more than men. Think postpartum or menopause. But depression in men is a very serious subject, and much more common than people think. Furthermore, a depressed husband can cause big problems in a marriage. Should she leave?

We have a six year-old child. We are both in our thirties. Prior to getting married, I knew that my husband had suffered occasional bouts of depression. Through the last seven years, we have weathered many depressive storms in our marriage. My issue is that they continue to get more severe in both symptoms and duration. This comes from two places: 1 his negative thinking, sarcasm, impatience and general bad attitude; and 2 his utter lack of interest in anything socializing, sex, exercise, talking about his feelings, etc.

The really hard thing is that I feel like an enabler. This is true economically I am the sole provider ; in terms of child care toddler is in daycare full time despite the fact that husband does not work ; and, most importantly, emotionally. Most days I feel as though I have to push my husband out of bed. Things have gotten so bad that I am finding myself totally unattracted to this shell of a man.

What I want is the man I married back. He was funny, charming, and had the world at his feet. While I recognize that the depression is not his fault, it is exceedingly difficult knowing that my child and myself are not reason enough for him to get help.

He has refused marriage counseling. Essentially he is full of excuses. He is also so convinced that I would never leave that he just continues to take advantage of the situation, coasting through life with the assumption that I will take care of everything….

I love the person that I married. New jobs, death of a loved one, new house, etc. Or am I rationalizing and being manipulative? If the separation ended in divorce I would only be devastated if the man I married resurfaced somewhere along the way. Exhausted, I would imagine. Someone who has a problem, who is not willing to talk about it, get help or make any changes is infuriating, to say the least.

Should you separate? It might. But, it might not. When people say they want a separation, they are taking a risk. It could turn out to be the best thing you ever did, and it could cause him to get help, but if it turned out another way, are you ok with ending up divorced?

And that is brutal. Helping your husband is something you will never be successful at. He has to want to help himself. He has to want to do it for him, for you and for your child.

The good news is, depression is treatable, through medication, talk therapy, supplements, yoga and countless other strategies. I wish I had more concrete, helpful advice, but you need to dig deep inside your heart and do what is best for you and your child.

What kind of example is your husband setting for your child, by the way? That said, it sounds like you once loved your husband deeply. How long are you willing to wait?

Every man and woman fears this, I think. Deep down, we know that a leopard never loses his spots. This is a very very difficult situation and you can listen to advice from friends, family, professionals, and even me, but ultimately, you are the only person who must decide what to do. Whatever you do, there is no judgment from me or anyone else.

Listen to your gut. Like this article? Want Financial Security After Divorce? Thinking About Divorce? Here Is Your Legal Consultation. Divorce is a journey. Live it with grace, courage and gratitude. Peace and joy are on the way! Additionally, she is a Huffington Post contributor. Pilossoph holds a Masters degree in journalism from Boston University.

Marriage and Second Marriage Advice. I would love to add my two cents in being a man who has lived with depression on and off for years. I have fought with depression on and off for years. Not usually deep depression like her husband, but certainly enough to have an effect on my life.

The deepest depression I had ever dealt with was for 6 — 8 months prior to our split. I had sort of given up on anything in my life getting better. This was mainly due to my inaction to make a change to myself. I smoked weed and played video games as a way to cope and avoid things, which led to further depression. Both which I have quit. First I can relate with the events that cause him to snap back. It took my wife leaving me to realise who I was in the marriage and it really caused me to snap out of it.

The author is correct though, you cannot change him, this is his battle and he must choose to change and get help. I wish my ex-wife was using the separation as a way to snap me out of it, because in a very short amount of time I have changed. Sadly she met another man prior to leaving me and is now blissfully happy with him. I never took medication to help me through depression and that was mostly because I saw what it had done to my mother and my sister and I wa not prepared to go through that.

What I have done is removed many negative things from my life, started working out and eating better. I read positive self-help books and instead of wasting my time in front of a TV or playing video games I have chosen to use that time to read and learn. My advice to her is to tell him in a very compassionate and understanding way that the way things are are not working for her.

Suggest a councillor, suggest yoga or fitness. These will all help guaranteed. But if he chooses not to, then I would suggest doing what you have to do and then accept all the consequences good and bad. If you bring up the prospect of divorce as an ultimatum, the depressed spouse will only have their worst fears and guilt feelings confirmed. Right now it seems to me that your goal is to save your marriage, and the first prerequisite is to convince yourself and your spouse that giving up is not an option.

The only way to dispel the darkness is with light, and I bless you that your inner strength and light will help both you and your husband and your children prevail over a darkness that takes no sides in its attempt to destroy.

Many depressed people are not willing to make any effort to get better and try to change their life style. My husband is depressed too and I after many years now I am exhausted! I have my own health problems too, I have muscle dystrophy and I fought 7 years and spend lots of money to have the diagnosis. It is not easy spending all they long with a angry, sad and moody person, especially because, for my condition, it is not easy for me going out for a while and forget about the situation I am living.

I am also the one that is paying all the bills because he never went to work. I love him, but I am fed up I would just like to disappear. I also wondering if he is depressed because he miss his country and he was not able to adapt in the country we live.

We are both immigrant, but we come from different countries. Oh, I forgot to mention that even now I still deal with depression. My cure is the gym. I work out lifting weights 3 — 4 times a week. If I miss a day in between or go to long without working out I notice a huge decrease in my mental well being.

RIght now the gym is keeping me going. It increases my energy, my mood and helps me sleep better. Also right now I bet he is beating himself up for the things he does not do, for probably feeling like a lousy husband etc. His self-esteem is likely in the gutter which only feeds the depression even more. He needs to know you love him.

I used to beat myself up all the time for my shortcomings. Lots of negative self talk that supported my depression and the beliefs I had about myself and my situation.

Why Depressed Men Leave – 1

It is no secret that the tumultuous process creates an incredible amount of stress, but the problems really begin to escalate when this leads to conditions that are more serious. Depression is a fairly common and potentially debilitating mental health condition that impacts every aspect of your life, and the chances of falling into a depression increase greatly following a divorce. However, there are steps you can take to mitigate your chances of suffering from depression after the end of your marriage, and it begins with identifying your risk level. Studies have found a greatly increased risk of depression for those going through divorce, which is even more of a problem for men who are nearly twice as likely to suffer from post-divorce depression as women. While every person deals with significant and sudden life changes differently, you can be sure almost everyone going through divorce will feel some form of loss and confusion.

Millions of Americans have a substance use disorder. Help is available.

Ashamed, sad, and alone — this is how many men feel after a divorce, separation, or tough breakup. It can be one of the most stressful life events we ever deal with especially when children are involved. A lot a guys unfairly internalize the breakdown of a relationship as a sign of weakness or a failure on their part. In one study, men were found to have a 6-fold increase in risk for depression after a divorce, than men who remained married. For some guys, his partner and kids are the main social connections he has, so separating can also mean losing your main source of support.

How to Avoid Getting Your Heart Broken When Dating a Recently Divorced Man

To the outside world, Emme lived a charmed life. She was a successful model, creative director of her own clothing line, a television host, lecturer, and mother of a beautiful baby girl. Phillip Aronson, the wonderful man she married, found himself in a downward spiral of depression, even attempting suicide at one point to escape his pain. Phil was always an energetic partner, excited to go to work each morning either to the showroom to check on the latest graphic designs for the Emme line or to attend meetings about some new project. He was a caring and loving father. I never felt more alone. However, many experts feel these statistics are simply wrong.

Dear Therapist: My Boyfriend Is Going Through a Divorce

Those are very personal decisions. Most experts agree that a recent divorce is one that happened within the last year or two. Divorces, like men, come in all shapes, sizes, and situations. Here are some questions to consider:.

Sign up for the Divorced Girl Smiling newsletter to receive weekly articles that might help you during and after your divorce! When people think of depression, they usually picture women more than men.

A little background first. He was separated at the time. We fell hard, fast. Within 2 months he was asking me to move in.

When Depressed Husbands Refuse Help

To some, divorce can be a release. To others, it is a devastating blow. For others still it heralds a new and better beginning.

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About a year ago, I wrote a series of posts about my experience with the fantasies of a better life that often prompt depressed men to leave their families. You can find the first of those stories here , here and here. Those brief pieces tell only a small part of a long and troubling story. Of course, this story is not mine alone. Whether depressed men leave by walking out or by emotional withdrawal or aggressive rage and abuse, they go through a baffling transformation and provoke the most devastating crisis for those who love them most.

Getting Through Depression after a Divorce, Separation, or Tough Breakup

In the meantime, enjoy the Dear Therapist archive and send Lori your questions, big and small, at dear. Eventually he apologized and explained that he had been afraid of losing me, and I forgave him. He would promise to do a specific task at a certain time but then continuously forget to do it. Eventually he agreed to keep her away after I got a therapist to help us. In the meantime, we were otherwise incredibly happy and in love with each other and set up a lot of important building blocks for our future together. Now that the divorce is surely going to be concluded in the coming six months, I am flooded with feelings of doubt about the relationship because it feels like we never really healed from that initial breach of trust, and I am afraid of what all the subsequent broken promises might reveal about our compatibility. He has asked me to give him a second chance and shown much remorse. I wish I knew how to heal from a betrayal of trust in a relationship.

Feb 26, - The experience is not fundamentally different than dating someone without a mental illness, but there are issues that are more likely to arise. By.

Divorce is a profound, life-changing experience. But at some point, it should be over. A divorce hangover is an ongoing connection with your ex-spouse or former life that keeps you agitated or depressed, unhappy, and stuck in the past. You deserve to come to peace with your divorce so that you can begin a new and richer life. To do that, you must first understand your divorce hangover.

Men After Divorce: Ego, Self Esteem, & Recovery

He and his ex had been separated for almost two years, and we have been dating for nearly one year. I know that he loves me and is relieved that the ordeal of his divorce is finally over. However, he seems a little depressed and anxious now. I wonder what I can do to help him deal with things.

Avoiding Post-Divorce Depression

You may feel overwhelmed, confused, helpless to do anything. You take the brunt of the punishing anger or indifference that is all your partner can give you. What can you do to keep yourself together?

I bought your book Dating the Divorced Man , and thought it was a great book.

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. What are the appropriate emotions for an ex during and after divorce? What are the emotions one goes through after divorce and what sacrifices are required on my part? It's a little long - thanks in advance for reading. My boyfriend just finalized his divorce from his ex-wife.



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