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Marketers find a friend in pinterest

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Beth C. Her professional associations include the American Library Association, Special Library Association, and the Texas Library Association, where she has served in various positions. She has published in a variety of journals and presented conference sessions in the areas of website usability, mentoring and training reference staff and students, and technology. Her passions include virtual reference, website usability, user satisfaction studies, and technologies for reference, instruction, and liaison.

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Marketers Find a Friend in Pinterest

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Pinterest marketing is different from other platforms. To be successful on Pinterest, it is important to know what distinguishes it from other social media channels. For a start, Pinterest is not a social network. People are not there to connect with others. They are actively looking for ideas or solutions over a very wide range of subjects. As a marketer, you can tap into this by anticipating the ideas and solutions your potential customers are looking for.

Attract them by creating and publishing content on Pinterest that serves them the ideas and solutions they crave, either organically or through paid advertising. This brings us to another major difference and advantage Pinterest marketing has compared to other platforms. Did you know that after running a paid advertising campaign on Pinterest, the pin s you promoted during that campaign will stay on Pinterest and continue to drive traffic organically?

In addition, organic pins have an extremely long life-span. Several pins that I produced over a year ago continue to pop up in Pinterest feeds and generate traffic. More and more businesses are marketing on Pinterest. According to eMarketer , The pictures are clickable and link back to a webpage where further information about the image topic can be found.

As a business, your aim is to make your content inspirational and discoverable, so that it gets seen, saved i. Helpful content, keywords, and high-quality images are essential ingredients for success on Pinterest. A survey of over 4, pinners published by Pinterest gives an indication of their shopping habits:. These are valuable resources that show you what people are into right now. Use it as inspiration for your own campaigns! The latest demographics figures published by Pinterest indicate that million people use it on a monthly basis.

There is a higher proportion of female users, but Pinterest is diversifying demographically and is gaining a broader appeal with millennial men. If your target audience is active on Pinterest, it is definitely worth adding it to your marketing mix.

For categories such as food, travel, home decoration, fashion and beauty, Pinterest is an obvious choice. However, it can be made to work for practically any type of business, whether you sell products or services. Many service-based businesses do very well on Pinterest. Before going into further detail, you should know that Pinterest is a long-term game that requires preparation, patience and a strategic approach.

It takes a while to get traction and conversions on Pinterest, especially if you only market organically. It is possible to speed things up a bit through paid advertising, but if you are looking for quick results, Pinterest is probably not for you! However, done right, it will send potential customers to your site for months and years to come. There is no one-size fits all strategy when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

It all depends on your business niche, the maturity of your Pinterest account and your overall Pinterest activity.

However, the following high-level approach provides a practical starting point for most business types. To measure your success on Pinterest, you need to be clear on your objectives. Typically, businesses use Pinterest to:. To be successful on Pinterest, you need the following minimum prerequisites:.

The configuration and optimization of your Pinterest business account and website are beyond the scope of this article. However, if you do not yet have a Pinterest business account, this is one of the first things you need to take care of. You should also apply for Rich Pins. If you plan to pay for advertising on Pinterest, you should install the Pinterest Tag on your website. This will allow you to start building up audiences for future advertising. If you decide to spend time marketing on Pinterest, your overall aim is to capture the attention of potential clients there to grow your business.

So, how do you design a strategy that converts clicks into signups or sales? Your preferred customer should be at the heart of everything you do. Start by providing lots of value on your website with free content. For example, a business coach could regularly publish content based on questions that clients ask during coaching sessions or in a Facebook group.

They should provide ideas and information that people are searching for on Pinterest and Google. This also works very well if you sell products. Instead of posting only product images, you could write a short article related to a product. When launching a marketing campaign on Pinterest, whether organic or paid, start with your end goal and then design your strategy backwards.

This checklist serves as a lead magnet to attract the right people to sign up for her mailing list. She included a sign-up box for this checklist in relevant blog posts and regularly published these articles on Pinterest. Besides organic pinning, she also promoted some of the pins to a more closely targeted audience through a paid Pinterest ad campaign. For each article, she created one or more high-quality vertical images ratio for Pinterest.

Each contains a clear message that makes interested pinners want to click to find out more. When people click through and read the article, they may be interested to sign up for the checklist. Once signed up, she nurtures the people on the list by providing lots of additional value. Subscribers need to know, like and trust her before they will buy anything. To increase conversions, it is essential to first work out all the details of this backward chain of events.

The large majority of searches on Pinterest are still done through keyword search. Even on a visual search engine like Pinterest! To optimize the chance of your content getting found, the titles and descriptions of your boards and pins should include actual search terms that people use to search on Pinterest.

Do some research on Pinterest and Google! Document them in a list and refer to this list every time you publish new content. Update this document regularly. The Pinterest search bar is great tool to find keywords. To better understand how it works, type a few keywords in the Pinterest search bar.

Take note of the suggested keywords see example below. Do a similar search for categories and keep drilling down the list of categories you are presented with. This will give you a good idea of the most frequently used keywords.

If you already have a Pinterest business account, make note of the traffic that Pinterest is currently sending you. You should track progress on a regular basis — it tells you if your marketing efforts are paying off, or not. This also applies to newbies on Pinterest — even though you do not have any historical data to benchmark against, monthly tracking will be helpful to monitor future progress.

At the end of each month, head over to Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics to export the data you need to track and measure your success. Here are some basic metrics you should focus on. If you are running a paid Pinterest campaign, check your campaign statistics from time to time to see if any adjustments are needed.

I recommend to start by mastering organic pinning to help you understand the platform and what works best for you. They help you get to the top of search results much faster than organic pins. A paid campaign gives you access to additional keyword information that is not available for organic pins.

It also gives you detailed information about your conversions. The longer the campaign, the easier it is for Pinterest to optimize performance. Campaign results for the same pin or ad group group of promoted pins can vary enormously, depending on duration.

Success on Pinterest does not come if you do not have a solid strategy in place. Before starting with paid advertising on Pinterest, master organic growth first. It is important to understand how the platform works. To design a conversion-focused Pinterest marketing strategy, start with the end in mind and work out what you need to put in place to achieve the desired outcome.

Think like your customer when creating your content and your boards. Pinterest is a search engine, not a social network, so use SEO techniques to optimize your results. One major difference compared with other platforms is that paid ads continue to live on.

After you stop paying for them, they live on as organic pins that continue to drive traffic your way. Pinterest is a long-term game that requires preparation, patience and a strategic approach.

If you are looking for quick results, Pinterest is probably not for you! However, if you do it right, you can turn it into your best business friend. It will send potential customers to your site for months and years to come.

Mary Lumley is a Pinterest Marketing Expert who helps online entrepreneurs grow their business with Pinterest. She profitably uses Pinterest to grow her own business and advises other service-based businesses on how to increase conversions and get more paying clients with Pinterest. And consist of 8 or more characters.

Pinterest Marketing Expert. Interested to learn more? How Does Pinterest Work?

Following on Pinterest

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng. To make friends, you have to first follow others. Following is similar to friending on Facebook.

Pinterest gives you ideas for how to make everyday life easier, tastier and even more colorful. If you are not using Pinterest for your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Picture 1.

Pinterest is exploding and with it businesses are benefiting from more brand exposure. What is known about the web site is that the demographics are predominately young women. According to comScore, the site alone had This tool is proving to be beneficial especially for visually based brands like food, fashion, and furniture. Especially when we are dealing with things like food.

The Power of Pinterest Marketing

Updated to include the latest information on engaging with your community, measuring your efforts, blending your social media with other online and offline marketing efforts, and leveraging data you collect into learning more about your community, this new edition of Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies will help you apply your marketing efforts to the latest social media marketing sites and tools. Inside, you'll discover how to devise and maintain a successful social media strategy, use the latest tactics for reaching your customers, and utilize data to make adjustments to future campaigns and activities. Marketing your business through social media isn't an option these days—it's absolutely imperative. Inside this bestselling guide, you'll find out how to apply the marketing savvy you already have to the social media your prospects are using, helping you to reach and keep more customers, make more sales, and boost your bottom line. If you're a social media strategist, website manager, marketer, publicist, or other employee who is in charge of implementing and managing an organization's social media strategy, this comprehensive resource is your one-stop guide to all things social media marketing. Account Options Sign in. Conseguir libro impreso.

How to Build a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy: A Marketer’s Guide

People are using Pinterest to organize their digital lives. This hot social site lets users create visual bookmarks of their favorite things and 'pin' them on virtual pinboards. Now you can learn how to market on Pinterest with this hands-on guide. Market with Pinterest, it's fun and easy, and even more so with Pinterest Marketing for Dummies. Account Options Sign in.

Pinterest marketing is different from other platforms. To be successful on Pinterest, it is important to know what distinguishes it from other social media channels.

Get the most important digital marketing news each day. See terms. Affiliates are about to love Pinterest once again.

56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

West Elm. Those are some of the big name retailers who are using Pinterest to drive significant traffic to their retail websites. But what exactly is Pinterest?

It's no secret that visual content online really draws in viewers. People love Pinterest, Facebook, and the like for visual sharing and engaging. Smart marketers know their companies need to tap into this, but where and how to start? Visual Social Marketing For Dummies offers a clear roadmap for creating effective, well-defined visual social marketing strategies as part of your overall marketing and social media plans. From defining goals to developing highly visual content across a range of social media platforms, this book is the perfect step-by-step guide to get you there. The book explores Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, SlideShare, and Twitter, among many topics and resources, and includes useful examples from leading brands and companies across a variety of industries.

Pinterest to become an affiliate’s best friend again

Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. All in one place. Get Started. Rookie meltdowns are common on Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing social media site to visually show your brand and products, and connect with your consumers. Everyday, I see tons of marketing mistakes being made generally by companies who still think marketing is about pushing your products, and not about interactive engagement.

Apr 24, - Pinterest is exploding and with it businesses are benefiting from more brand exposure. Tanzina Vega, reported for The New York Times.

Enter the lovely world of Pinterest, and all the troubles of your day-to-day life just seem to slip away in a stream of perfect little black dresses, baby otters, and cherubic children who never seem to get dirty or mouth off to their parents. I like to think of Pinterest as Facebook without the whining. Yes, Pinterest is beautiful. And yes, its users love it. Behind those lovely images, Pinterest is fast becoming a heavy hitting marketing tool for brands and businesses … like yours.

Top 9 Most Common Pinterest Marketing Mistakes

Marketing software to increase traffic and leads. Free and premium plans. Sales software for closing more deals, faster. Software for providing first-class customer service.

The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

Are you currently using Pinterest for business? Pinterest offers businesses a fairly unique proposition. This article will cover all the Pinterest for business basics to get you going, including:. Bonus: Download a free guide that teaches you how to make money on Pinterest in six easy steps using the tools you already have.

Marketing software to increase traffic and leads.

IN an age of fat data plans and broadband access, Pinterest has a message for the media: a picture is worth a thousand words. Lipsman said. The laundry room board alone has just over 58, followers. Pinterest may be considered the third- most popular social media platform after Twitter and Facebook, but it does not share much of its own information.

How to Use Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know



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