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How to get your girl best friend to kiss you

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I Kissed My Best Friend, And This Is What Happened

Kissing your best friend would seem to be something totally offbeat and perverse to you but come on, admit it - you did imagined it once or twice before. Truth is that, you've probably been attracted to her from the very beginning but suppressed all romantic feelings altogether for the sake of friendship. Oh please - that is so yesterday.

If you're really in love with your best friend, why just remain friends with her - getting stuck on this stage is more than one can bear so try to do something about it - and work for it hard! When that romantic time comes and you just can't help but get the urge to be a little bit naughtier with her, here are a few tips on how to make your best friend kiss you - learn to seduce her to make out with you now!

The next time you see each other, don't just grab her all of sudden and passionately kiss her. Not only will she be shocked - you might earn a slap or two. All women, including your best friend, aren't supposed to be rushed into anything.

It takes time for them to build that confidence in you when you get intimate. So have perfect timing - knowing how to read her body language can help you a lot too. Women, like men, are romantic and sensitive being as well. They can also get pretty emotional sometimes too.

Although not all women are quite vocal with what they feel, they would still want you to do the first move after all. You have to be sweet and romantic in order to get her to spill it out - it's like luring her over to you.

A very good ambiance is a good way to spend your date with her. Bring her in some place uncommon but cozy. Sometimes, it's all in the mood - you need to get her to feel comfortable with you so she'd be more open to her feelings. This is one of the basic things to do in order to get her to want you.

Women, like men, would like to be proud to show off their boyfriends, too. So, it would be better to always be at your best form most of the time because you may never know when you'll bump into her or some of her friends - your status will skyrocket from being her buddy to her lover.

For now, "potential" is good enough. Are you still having trouble uncovering the secrets to make your woman orgasm? Are you still stuck on that friend zone and would do all just to know how to make your best friend kiss you? Do you want to know the art of seduction and have great sex all the time? Discover more tips and techniques on how to be sensual and arousing to women by visiting my website right now.

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How to Kiss a Friend Accidentally and Get Away with It

Whether you've known her for more than 10 years or for just a few months, a best girlfriend is practically a sister. You've both reached the point where you feel so comfortable with each other that you can get away with saying or doing almost anything. Here are the 13 ways you act only with your best girlfriend s :. Besides your family or boyfriend, you only say some version of "k, love you, bye" when you get off the phone with your best friend.

Kissing a friend is a tempting proposition. But if you really do like a friend and want to take it further down the path of love, then this piece on kissing a friend may not be appropriate for you.

Gentlemen, if you are asking the question, "How do I get a girl to kiss me? To guys who already know the answer to this question, the answers are obvious. To those guys who have no clue, they will seem like secrets that are worth their weight in gold. Here's the key:.

20 People Reveal What Happened Next AFTER They Kissed Their Best Friend

However, this particular night was unlike any other. Our weekly ritual of face masks and Gossip Girl turned into the infamous bedroom scene from Black Swan. Tequila was definitely involved. The night started off just like any other. It was the end to an unusually stressful work week and my best friend and I decided to ditch the wine and go for something a bit more potent. At about four shots and two mixed drinks in, things started to get interesting…. The foreplay was probably the best part.

13 Socially Acceptable Ways You Act Only With Your Best Friends

Updated: April 30, References. To get a kiss from a girl you like, you'll need to make sure you know each other well enough for her to feel comfortable around you. When the time is right, look for a private moment, test the waters with light physical contact, and lead the way by leaning forward for a tender closed mouth kiss. Trying to get that first kiss from your "special someone" can be both exciting and anxiety-provoking, [1] X Research source but as long as you develop the right mood, you can succeed. Before you try to get a kiss from a girl you like, make sure you know each other well enough for her to feel comfortable around you.

Kissing your best friend would seem to be something totally offbeat and perverse to you but come on, admit it - you did imagined it once or twice before.

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The Secret of How to Get a Girl to Kiss You

Rahul and Anjali told a beautiful story of how best friends fall in love with each other and live happily ever after. I am sure the writer wasn't taking real life experiences into account. There is a tried and tested recipe to ruin your relationship with your best friend, and that is to kiss them. Yes, some would say that we weren't meant for each other, and that's why it didn't work out.

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18 Tricky Ways to Kiss a Friend Accidentally and Get Away with It

Annalisa Russo is a midwest girl who grew up in an overpopulated first generation Italian family in the burbs of Chicago. Along with a passion for reading and writing, Annalisa enjoys gardening, cooking for company, and frequently invents reasons for traveling. The mother of two grown children, she now shares her home with a narcissistic cat named Buster. She loves hearing from readers so check out her website at www. Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan.

Me n my girl just doing the usual keke I won btw! BE MY FRIEND! Because in the end, none of us have Jun 21, - Uploaded by Eileen Tran.

Friends are known to be a consoling and warm person that you can connect with. Sometimes these feelings just develop into something more and somehow you are caught in the middle of the feeling. How should you know which feeling to lean to?

13 Socially Acceptable Ways You Act Only With Your Best Friends


Never Kiss Your Best Friend






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