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How do i keep a friend on facebook from seeing my posts

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Facebook's currency is you — you and all of your personal information. That's one reason Facebook likes to keep most information about you public. By default, your profile information, posts, and even your friends are available for all to see. In practice, it's often convenient for your friends list to be public, because it can help people to find and connect with you, by verifying friends they also know.

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Hide One Friend From Another on Facebook

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First, you will prevent their updates from showing up on your news feed the page you see when you first log into Facebook. Then, you can prevent them from seeing your updates. Of course you could always go ahead and un-friend someone — they will not be notified.

But it could create an awkward situation, depending on the person and your relationship. You can use these lists to control who you share with. It works like this:. If this person was in another list, select that list to un-check and remove them from the list.

There are a few other settings that could expose some of your information to the friend you are trying to ditch. So while there is no guarantee of total erasure of this person from your Facebook life, this is about as close as you can come to unfriending or blocking a person. And I am not able to personally troubleshoot each and every situation! Please take a look at the existing comments and replies to date, as your question might be answered here.

You can also take a look at other Facebook tips , or search the Facebook help page. What does it mean if you send a message and it just relays back to yourself but your still friends with that one person on f. Please help me. Theres someone who keeps on threatening me.

I had already blocked him from my facebook account. But he has all the access of my facebook friends to. He keeps on sending defamations about me to some of my facebook friends. Its a very humiliating and fabricated stories only to put shame on me in public. Pls help me how to handle this. How can i report him to the facebook centre to blocked and close his account totally?

If this is truly a matter of life and death, contact your local police. My sister who i do share all my posts with, shares this mutual friend. Please please help! Facebook is not clear about this at all and i have endlessly searched for this! That is a good question. Please try again. It says that all the time. What does this mean? So how can i have the same message put on my timeline when he clicks on my timeline? So based on my experience it would seem that they have blocked you also. You could make a fake profile and do a public search for them and if you see their timeline in any capacity then it would be highly likely they have blocked you.

BUT… if they posted something to public , you see it and want to make a comment , will they see it? Probably, since it is the privacy setting of the original update — which in this example is a public update. If you tag them, or post a public update, they will. If I add someone on restricted list, is there any way that I can still see their status updates on my newsfeed?

Hi Celine, I think you should still see your friends updates on your news feed. But they will only see your updates if you make them public, or tag your friend in the post.

Hi Yamen, I think in that case it depends on the privacy setting of the photo or status that you are commenting on. Is there a way I can prevent a friend from messaging me without unfriending them?

I get alot of messages and I have tried asking them to stop. I have checked settings and cannot figure it out—thankyou. Messages from people you want to hear from may go to your Other folder. Hi Jean! Thanks for that, that was helpful! Is there an ilegal way of knowing who hide you?? This maybe a weird question, not sure how to even ask it right. Ok I have two accts. If its possible for a person who I have not befriended nor she with me can show me certain posts on one account and not show me on another acct?

Cuz when i go to her acct on this private acct and she does not know who I am, I cannot see her posts, but when I go back to my acct that she knows me on, i can see her public posts. Is this possible? And sorry if I dont make any sense, just let me know and I will try to explain differently. Let me put it bluntly. Its like she is trying to get me to see what she is saying on her public posts so I can see it she is my xhusbands new gf…so can that be done and not being friends?

Or if someone you know is tagged in her post you might see it. A friend once blocked me and now we became friends again. Would my old comments be automatically put back into conversations we would have had? She is arguing with me saying I said all this stuff as soon as we became friends and she thought it was way too soon but I never made any comments. Would they be old ones reloading?? Hi Paul, I think the comments from before would probably still be there.

Yes , unless you change the audience for your status updates and posts, which you can do on a post by post basis. Someone keeps tagging me in random photos and I dont like it so I added that person to my restricted list. Can that person still tag me in photos? I already have the privacy setting of approving tags and posts before they appear on my timeline. Please help. It may be just a random pic not even one that has me in it. I did add that person to the restricted list. I wonder if that will take care of not letting that person tag me anywhere anymore.

Facebook security seems to have many loopholes yet or probably it is not very intuitive for users to setup. Go to Account Settings, click on timeline and tagging. There are options in there that you can turn on or select who is able to tag you. Hope this was helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So in that case the choices might be different. What is the most likely cause? Am I on a restricted list? Hi Jessica, Hard to say for sure but it does sound like she has restricted you in some way.

Maybe in a restricted list or other list, and then choosing to share updates with only certain lists or people. To get to your Activity log just go to your profile and there is a button fro Activity Log. Click on Photos on the left, and then check who each photo has been shared with. Is there any way to know if you are no longer being viewed by your friend s?

I used to see a great deal of a friends posts. Just recently, that stopped. If they have put you into a list, and share updates with friends other than that list, you would not see what you are missing in their timeline. Of course it could be that they are simply not going on Facebook as often!

Hi there, just a quick question please. If I put someone on either restricted or just acquaintances list will I still get messages from that person?

If you then un-restrict, like take them OFF your restricted list, then I think they would be able to see any of the posts they had missed, if they viewed your timeline. How do I know if a friend I blocked has seen my last message sent? Hi Kim, are you able to find out if someone is viewing your Facebook profile who are not your friend?

Hi, quick one. If I put a person on my restricted or acquaintances list but they put me on close friends list will that angel out the restriction? Bit complicated but I have tried this with someon and they still seem to be able to comment and see my posts. Hi Stewart — good question! So make sure when you are sharing, you are choosing to share with Friends only, as that will automatically exclude your Restricted group from seeing it.

I have a friend on my close friends list and can see on the left panel notifications that there is a new story with this particular friend, but when I click on the close friends list I am unable to see the story. This friend is an ex girlfriend I can still see her friends and photos I had access to.

If she has placed me on a restricted list or some some of block, would I still have access to the information I could previously see? If I have been blocked or restricted and I still have access to previously seen information, could I have been blocked from seeing new content?

How do you hide friends on Facebook?

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For instance, when you add someone to your friends list on Facebook, you can see their friends and they can see yours by default. But for a variety of reasons, you might not want to give those kind of details about your private life to everyone.

Facebook is a highly visible platform used by billions of people every month. What can happen with public posting? There are any number of reasons why you might want to restrict who can see the posts you make, either sharing only to certain people, or restricting certain people. Now, since my usual audience is thinking about Facebook from a business perspective, I do have to say that there are far fewer ways to restrict visibility of Facebook posts for businesses than there are for personal profiles. Everyone else, using personal profiles, has a few more options.

How to Hide Things From Certain People on Facebook

We have all had to accept Facebook friend requests from people we'd rather not share intimate details of our day-to-day lives with, whether that's your boss, a slightly creepy acquaintance, or even your mom. Did you know you could set up a "restricted" list on Facebook that prevents list members from seeing content you deliberately make public? We had a look at how to create and manage such a list so that you can stay Facebook friends with someone without letting them see every single little activity you get up to. Head to the Facebook profile page of the person you want to add to your restricted list. Click on the "Friends" drop-down box that appears at the bottom right of their cover photo. Select the option "Add to another list. Now, click on the "Restricted" setting that appears on the next menu. This should enbolden the text and put a check mark next to it. Now, when you next post content, you can decided whether you want it to be public content or just for the eyes of your Facebook friends.

How to Distance yourself from a Facebook friend without Unfriending

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. To hide a post from a certain person, log in to your Facebook account in a browser and write your post in the Status box. A list of matching names displays as you type. Click the name of the desired person. You can also share a post only with specific people.

After you make these changes, strangers will no longer be able to see you on Facebook or send you messages. Some elements of your Facebook profile are always public, such as your profile photo and background photo.

What's happening now in online privacy, from pop culture to law to personal stories. Written by: Sarah Downey. We had a good time putting these Facebook privacy tips together for our friends at Facecrooks and ReadWriteWeb. Onto our tips.

How to Avoid Having Your Posts Show Up in Facebook’s New Public Search

F acebook is making all of the public posts on the social network easily searchable. The idea is to make it easier for people to follow conversations unfolding in real time, like on Twitter. Just follow these steps:.

In fact, I would get that questions relating to content restriction are probably one of the most common questions that get via my contact form or direct messages on the various social networks. The most recent request came in the form of this question:. Heya, Sean. I hope you can help. Is there a way that I can block a person from sharing things on Facebook, without unfriending or blocking them? Note: I edited and truncated the message to keep it clear and concise and also protect the innocent.

3 ways to unfriend a Facebook friend without really unfriending them

Facebook's Block option automatically prevents a blocked person from seeing your posts and stops his posts from appearing in your Timeline. However, it also terminates your virtual friendship on Facebook, an option that isn't always appropriate. If you can't defriend someone, like an in-law or a friend of a close friend, you can effectively block the person by eliminating his content in your news feed and blocking him from seeing specific posts that you make on your Timeline. Navigate to your friend's Timeline and then hover the cursor over the "Friends" button on the cover photo. A drop-down menu opens. Click the "Show in News Feed" option from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down your Facebook home page until you see the Friends section in the left menu. Click the Audience Selector Tool to the left of the Post button. To keep a friend from seeing certain photos, use the “Custom” setting, and specify.

The default setting on Facebook enables everyone to see your list of friends. You can change and customize this setting in different ways. First you have to log on to your Facebook account. Click on the Account tab at the top right-hand side of the page, and choose Privacy Settings.

How to hide your Friends list on Facebook, from everyone or only certain people

Do you have a Facebook friend who constantly posts annoying political rants? What about the friend who just received their latest shipment of whatchamacallit from XYZ MLM -- and they just can't wait to tell you about it? Man, there are some annoying people on Facebook! And there were times when I just unfriended these schmoes.

Everyone has someone they would rather didn't see them on Facebook chat. Well, they don't have to! Just click the Settings wheel at the bottom of Chat, go to 'Advanced Settings' and then just add the names of people you do or don't want to see that you're available.

Facebook is sensitive to the fact that users don't want the whole world to have access to all their personal information. With that in mind, the social networking site makes it easy to hide your information from other people.

If you have that one friend on Facebook that is always leaving you weird comments, spamming your posts, or leaving just plain rude comments, it is possible to still allow them to be your friend while preventing them from commenting on any of your posts. Facebook is well known for its social interaction and allowing many people to communicate back and forth in an open medium. However, sometimes we befriend someone who just can't seem to ever say anything nice. And because of the "social rules" of Facebook, sometimes we friend people who aren't "really" our friends. If that's the case, it is possible to allow that person to see everything on Facebook like normal, view wall posts and pictures, and even chat, but still prevent them from leaving a comment.

Fed up with annoying posts from friends dominating your Facebook newsfeed? Find out how to unfriend on Facebook or simply hide unwanted posts. Facebook encourages you to connect to as many friends as possible, but it can be tiring wading through a newsfeed stuffed with irritating posts from overactive friends. You could simply unfriend the guilty party. For the latest news and tips, follow Saga on Facebook.

First, you will prevent their updates from showing up on your news feed the page you see when you first log into Facebook. Then, you can prevent them from seeing your updates. Of course you could always go ahead and un-friend someone — they will not be notified.

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