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How do i get my girlfriend out of my house uk

Once a relationship has progressed, you and your girlfriend may decide that it is a good idea to move in together. It is typically much cheaper to live with your partner rather than maintain separate households. You save money on rent, utilities, gas, and even food. In some cases, she might agree that things are over and readily move out. Other times, you might have to reason with her, be very clear that the relationship is over, or even use legal methods.



How Do I Throw Someone Out of My House?

Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by dal , Feb 5, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Girlfriend living in my house, advice please. Show only OP. Feb 5, at PM 1. When we are living together in my house I dont want her to contribute towards the mortgage but I will want her to pay her share of the other bills. I should add that we dont have any kids together and never will.

Here is my concern : If she lives with me and then we brake up will she have a claim on my house if she makes no payment towards the mortgage but helps out with other bills. One person I spoke to a non proffessional reckons even if she pays one bill she will be entitled to somthing, this doesnt sound right to me but you never know with the stupid unfair laws that are about these days. I would be absolutely destroyed if I had to pay her a lump of money if the relationship went wrong, in my mind if she doesnt pay towards the mortgage then she shouldnt be entitled to anything, I mean if we were renting and it went wrong she wouldnt get anything would she.

The thing is I've been stung before when I got divorced - different then I know because kids were involved and we were married but It's made me ultra cautious. Feb 5, at PM 2. Could you not get some kind of "pre-nup" housing contract drawn up, stating that she releases all rights to claims to the house? Feb 5, at PM 3. I've been told if you have biological children together and she pays even only 1 bill she can claim.

Not sure with you not having children or anything though. Feb 5, at PM 4. Feb 5, at PM 5. If the house is in your name there shouldn't be a problem with this, especially if you're not married. Problems arise with joint mortgages etc. Feb 5, at PM 6. I would have thought that she'd be entitled to only what she paid for.

I have no idea though, tbh. I'm just guessing. You're letting her live in your house practically rent free though. I'm sure she won't be entitled to anything. Feb 5, at PM 7. Feb 5, at PM 8. Yea there should only be problems if you get married. Feb 5, at PM 9. I am no legal expert but surely if you have no kids, she has no share in the house and you are not married then she doesnt have any legal rights to any of your house??

Feb 5, at PM And who said romance was dead It's not straight-forward, if she contributes in any way to the upkeep of the house, paid the bills etc, then she is technically entitled to a 'beneficial interest' in the house', a lot of it can come down to one person's word against anothers, in the absence of any written agreement she could say that it was always your joint intention to 'share' the house, and she would do all the housework and pay some bills in lieu of mortgage contributions, for example.

If you are that concerned, you can get a 'living together' agreement drawn up that specifies each of your rights, good luck with going about it though. Last edited: Feb 5, Just give her a good seeing to every day so she won't want to leave, then you both win. As i recall, if she has any of the utility bills in her name then that could be seen as contributing to the property a property with no heating will fall into disrepair , but is unlikely to result in her having any claim to it.

If she pays money into your account then it could be argued that this was a contribution to the mortgage. Best thing to do is to have her put money into your account on a standing order with the reference saying something like bills or rent, but definitely not mortgage, and to have all the bills in your name.

This is from being in a similar situation a few years back - i didn't plan ahead as you are, but when we split up she threatened to take half the house off me. I saw a solicitor and although she had been paying money into my account, the mortgage was not in her name. I think the water bill was in her name but the solicitor told me she didn't have a leg to stand on and was entitled to nothing at all.

Having been together for 4 or 5 years I did give her a lump sum of money though since in reality she had made contributions to the household, just nothing close to what I invested. I would get an agreement set-up, when things go wrong, women are horrible and money grabbers.

There is currently no such thing as common law wife. She lives in your house, mortgage in your name, and deeds in your name - she has no claim over property at all.

Obviously different if you're married. Philtor Soldato Joined: Nov 20, Posts: 5, For what it's worth those talking abou the idea of 'pre-nups' they're not valid in the UK. Mine was utterly ignored during my divorce. I'd imagine, may be wrong, that unless you get married, this isn't an issue. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Could my partner take my house from me if we were to split ?

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I currently own a flat UK and have a mortgage for said flat. My girlfriend is looking for a place to stay and it would seem mutually beneficial that she stays with me. She has offered to pay 'rent' money to me, as it would seem to make more sense that I get the money than some random landlord a few streets away.

Will my son’s girlfriend be entitled to half of the house if they separate?

Please help me out guys. After a nitemare couple of years its finally over and I want her gone quick. Its my house in my name and I pay pretty much the lot. Its time she left and took all of her shit with her. Its affecting my biking now and thats not good! I know I cant just kick her out and change the locks so does anyone know the legal way to do it. There must be a legal eagle on here.. Comedy suggestions also welcome!

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It was supposed to be just a few weeks. That was the deal.

If your son is the legal owner of his home and his girlfriend seeks to make a claim against the property, then she would have no right to the equity in the house generated from a sale of the property. However, the court would investigate whether she has established an interest in the property because of contributions she may have made to the purchase price, the mortgage repayments, or repairs and improvements made to the home. If it is found that these contributions have been made, then the court may recognise that she has an interest in the property.

Your rights if your partner wants you to move out

Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by dal , Feb 5, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums.

Things are not working out. You want her to move out. This is a tricky situation that needs to be handled with tact and diplomacy. There may actually be two tasks you must accomplish: breaking up with a girlfriend and evicting her. Even if you do not want to break up with her, you are terminating a part of your relationship and this must be handled with sensitivity. If children are involved you must be sensitive to those needs while still holding boundaries.

How to Evict My Girlfriend

IF YOU would like to keep someone out of your home or off your property, the laws about defiant trespass may help you. Under Pennsylvania law, 18 Pa. You can tell a person to stay away from property that you either own or rent. You can also keep intruders off your property by posting a notice on the property, in a place where an intruder is likely to see it, or by putting up a fence or some other enclosure around your property. You can tell anyone to stay away if the person has no right to come into your home or onto your property.

Jan 31, - Question: My girlfriend and I have lived together in her house for seven years but our relationship If she wants to kick me out, what are my rights? What are my legal rights in the UK to my partner's property if we break up?

We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. Your local authority might be able to give you emergency housing until you find something more permanent, or help you get back into your house if you need to. Check if you can get emergency housing on Shelter. If your ex-partner owns your home and your name isn't on the deeds, you can usually register your home rights yourself - find out how on GOV.

How Do You Evict Your Freeloading Friend?

Question: My girlfriend and I have lived together in her house for seven years but our relationship is not going at all well these days. If she wants to kick me out, what are my rights? There is no mortgage on the house but I have been paying all our regular household bills — energy, phone, council tax, the lot.

Girlfriend living in my house, advice please.

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Housing advice (trying to evict gf from home but she refuses to go)



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