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Girl meets world fanfiction lucas panic attack

He is my friend and hopefully soon to be my boyfriend. I know he doesn't like me back, but I was still hoping. I was thinking about all of this in the hall until I bumped into Farkle and Maya. They were holding hands. I smiled. It made me happy that Maya was happy.

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Lucaya — Maya with anxiety attack in class and Lucas helps...

Actually the next one Stardust16's request should be out tomorrow or the next day : so I'm pretty proud lol. Also, the whole story is set in tenth grade, probably should have mentioned that in the first chapter. And keep sending prompts! I need some ideas! A hospital wasn't far away, but it was sketchy, so they told the ambulance to take her to the better one a few miles down.

Zay, though he was deeply concerned for his friend, couldn't help but wonder who would pay for the trip. Of course if he had the money he would gladly pay, but being sixteen he didn't really have any money. He had about fifty bucks from pet sitting a weird lady's rock, which was a very interesting experience, but that was it.

As the pulled into the parking lot he decided to focus on that fact later, because he knew their friend would be out soon. Lucas knew she would. One time when he had been over to her house she had to get something from her room and he followed. And despite the cluttered state of the room he could clearly see the once white walls were painted with millions of murals and pictures.

He stared at the clock, ticking away the seconds. He remembered when he was on the bull. Everyone always told him the longest ten seconds of his life would be when he was on the bull. But right now seemed like eternity. This has happened before. He wasn't afraid of much, but he didn't want to mess with angry sad people. Zay stopped. He didn't want to admit to him that Maya's hospital visit was caused by him.

Lucas would be so mad at himself. Maya's hand was on her head and she groaned. For some reason her head always was pounding after an asthma attack. We had to give her an inhaler that had nitrous oxide, laughing gas. Is there an adult here that I could talk too?

Maya's mom is on her delayed honeymoon with her husband. I can't really explain who Topanga is right now but she'll be here soon. Zay I've explain this so many times. And you really need to stop telling people we're together.

The tired nurse chuckled and told them they all could wait in a patient room while they waited for Topanga to arrive. I'll tell you when Mrs. Matthews is here. She's really out of it. Lucas was sitting on the patient bed. The other teens in the room laughed, and Zay frowned when his phone said there wasn't any storage left to record Maya. Well don't tell him I called him hot okay? He head falling to her hand which was resting on the arm of the chair. She called you hot. She has no idea what she's saying.

She told me! She quickly forgot about the subject when the curly haired boys phone dinged with a text. Well actually your probably going to go to Riley's but Topanga is waiting.

Vanilla smelling golden curls spilled down his arms like a water fall and the girl closed her eyes. Zay shook his head at the sight and snapped a picture. He has spent some time freeing up space because he knew he would need it. And it looks like he was right.

You both can stay overnight if you want. It's almost one. Riley's already asleep and I told Corey to set up the living room. She smiled. She was glad her daughters had grown up with such good boys.

She combed her hair through with her fingers and Lucas told her they were sleeping at Riley's. She nodded and started heading for the door. I know you won't remember this tomorrow and you'll probably be mad at us for following you, but I'm really glad your okay.

Because I really like you. Like, really like you. A lot. Story Story Writer Forum Community. This is a random story about the six best friends, it's cute, fluffy and basically going nowhere!

Send me requests on what you want to see in the next chapters! Currently the friends are getting ready to board a plane To Minkus's beach house in Hawaii. Who knows what will happen with these six on a ten hour flight Pairings: Lucaya, Smarkle and Riarkle. The ride to the hospital was silent. Once in awhile one of the two would look at each other but they never said anything.

Hushed mourners filled the halls as Zay and Lucas took a seat in the waiting room. Lucas looked around, the bare white walls seemed dead and lifeless. And in one corner he swore he saw a tiny bull with a rider on it.

He looked at his hands. He looked at the floor. Say something! Luckily, a nurse came out with their blonde friend just then. The nurse, Nurse Lilah to be exact, waved the excited boys over.

They both came bounding over and hugged Maya who winced. She nodded and smiled. And who might you be? Maya's boyfriend?

You passed out. You look like my friend Huckleberry! The former Texans looked quizzically at each other and shrugged. Matthews is here, she said we can come out to the waiting room now. I'm to tired. Her small body fit perfectly in his. Topanga laughed. Zay went out first with Topanga and Lucas put Maya down. Are we painting at Riley's? Hiccups 2. Field Trip 3. Drawing Ch 1 4. Drawing Ch 2 5. Drawing Ch 3 6. Drawing Ch 4 7. Drawing Ch 5 8. Detention 9. Joshaya Panic Attack Ch 1 Panic Attack Ch 2 Panic Attack Ch 3

And suddenly…. His eyes go wide and he looks up to see Mr. Matthews looking at the blonde with concern in his eyes. Her eyes are hazy and her breathing is too fast, breath hitting his face every second. He wraps his arms around her and pulls to his chest, resting her head over his heart.

Actually the next one Stardust16's request should be out tomorrow or the next day : so I'm pretty proud lol. Also, the whole story is set in tenth grade, probably should have mentioned that in the first chapter.

Yeah so that's why I was screaming at the TV when I watched it. So weird but so cute I know I know! They aren't really going or anything but

I gently cupped his cheek, looking straight at his piercing blue eyes and I quickly leaned in and gave a sweet gentle kiss. I swore I saw fireworks and felt the fluttering of butter files in my stomach. We pulled apart and I saw him smiling with his gorgeous white teeth. I can't believe she kissed me. I feel a swarm of nervousness inside. I'm about to explode. Tonight I'm going to ask Riley to be my girlfriend.

So I have this big essay due soon so I might not be able to update for a little but I wanted to mention it to you guys so you don't think I'm dead. Something had changed between Riley and Lucas. It was noticeable, everyone, from Maya and Farkle to Topanga and Cory, noticed a change. They were closer in some indescribable way. Ever since the night of the park, Riley and Lucas had been smiling at each other like crazy and they were staring at each other when the other wasn't looking.

Riley Matthews had always been a worrier. She worried about what people thought about her, she was constantly concerned about her family and her friends, she stressed over school.

Next to you, you. And make sure you're alright? I'll take care of you.

It had been several weeks since Maya started to show off her scars, there had been quite a few people who laughed at her, spread rumors, and just stared but no one's reaction quite compared to the one that Lucas had. The two of them had gotten closer after that but Maya kept in mind her promise to Riley. In a few days there would be a formal dance happening at the school and Maya was quite nervous to go.

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And, this is going to involve a panic attack? And I'm not sure if I'm going to write it correctly - so if I don't, I'm sorry. But thanks for the reviews, I love them! I will accept any and all imput, and if you have any ideas on what I should do with the story, don't be afraid to tell me. I groaned, that would be my alarm clock yelling at me to wake up so I could see my mom in a non drunken state.


Aug 16, - Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Drama - Maya H., Riley M., Farkle M., Lucas F. - Chapters: 18 - Words: 22, - Reviews: 89 - Favs:








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