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The VIP demo is actually reserved for those who pre-ordered the game, but thankfully players can gift some VIP demo codes to friends so they can join in on the action. It is worth noting that players who pre-ordered through their console store will get the ability to share codes when the demo goes live. Once players have redeemed their demo code, they can go to Friend Pass and snag the link that will allow up to three friends access to the VIP demo. All console players need to do once the demo goes live is link their EA account to their console account and then they will have full access to the VIP demo.

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How to get my friend code

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Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 42 of 48 Go to page. Manekast Member. Oct 25, Byron Bay. Cruxist said:. I don't see anything yet, but thanks! A Ream of Paper Member. Apr 8, 1, Got 3 friend passes up for grabs up.

Will PM the link to the first 3 people who reply to this post. Sarobi Member. Oct 25, A Ream of Paper said:. Snakeeee Member. Jan 20, 4, Oct 27, Sakrey Member.

JustSurvive Member. Oct 27, 1, Nov 6, 3. Manekast said:. Sorry mate I just woke up. I sent the wrong code. Inboxed you the correct one! Oct 25, 56 Long Beach, CA. Ababol Member. I'd love to try it if someone has a spare code left! JediTimeBoy Member. Oct 27, 4, Please send to the above first three posters :- TimeWyrn.

JigglesBunny Avenger. Oct 27, 9, Chicago. Still looking for a PS4 or Xbox One code if anyone has one to spare! Jan 24, I got a code already and it says I have access on the EA site but when I turn on the demo it says I don't have access and to buy the pre-order for the game. There's also a user agreement behind that page but as soon as I get rid of the page telling me to preorder the game reboots and starts the whole thing over again.

So I can't get past the preorder page and even look at the user agreement. I may have the wrong EA account connected to my ps4 so if anyone could tell me how to reset my login on ps4 or get past the preorder screen that'd be great. Lork Member. TimeWyrm said:. Thanks but I already got one a few days ago! JediMPG Avenger. Jan 6, Hey, so I messed up big time in putting in my friend code that was given to me.

I put into the wrong account that wasn't linked to my PSN. So now I have no way of playing it, and Customer Service said they could only give codes out to PC players, and there's no way of unlinking an account. Anyone wanna toss me a bone? Dec 11, 9, PC code plz. D23 Member. Oct 25, 1, I would love an xbox one code if anyone have one. Oct 25, 27, I'll happily take a PC key if anyone has a spare.

Last edited: Jan 25, RandomError Member. Are other EA Access subs getting this. Mikelarry85 Member. Oct 29, 3, So I've gotten the game to load on xbox and I still dont have demo codes to give out. This whole process is very frustrating. Dizastah Member. Oct 25, 2, I'll take a one guys : PC.

DarkSable Member. Feb 4, 21 Sweden. Need a ps4 code here, if posible. Big thanks! Spirit of Jazz Member. Oct 26, 10, UK. If anybody has a spare PS4 code I'd appreciate it. Kazooie Member. Nov 6, Edmonton. I'd love to give it a shot. Very interested to see how it plays considering how little fanfare it's been getting since reveal to launch next month, and comparing it to Destiny 2.

Snowybreak Member. If anyone has a PS4 code I'd be most grateful.

Nintendo Switch. Fire Emblem. Nintendo 3DS.

January I pre-ordered the legion edition for xbox one thru the xbox store but I still haven't recieved friend codes even after downloading and starting up?

You can also participate in the Anthem Open Demo from February 1 — 3. During the Open Demo, everyone can step into the world of Anthem before launch day on February I was looking to invite my friend. Just so you know i didnt redeem any keys i looked up "Anthem Demo" in orign market.

Anthem VIP Demo: How to Get Friend Codes & Play With Friends

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Post up here if you have codes you want to give away.

If pre-ordered through a retailer like GameStop, players will have a code that they can. You don't have to go it alone either, as getting access to the VIP demo nets you three free. Xbox One and PC users may preload two days in advance, while PlayStation 4 users will have to download. You will need to pre-order Anthem to receive a code for the VIP demo.

The Anthem VIP Demo Comes with Three Friend Invite Codes

If I'm allowed to invite people as well, I'll make them available. I haven't bought yet, because I want to hit the time window juuuust right, and only pay for one month of EA Access. Don't hesitate to speak up if you'd be interested in kicking the tires at an early date. I'll be taking one of Hammer's codes he so graciously offered.

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As we are now only a few days away from the Anthem VIP demo , Electronic Arts has updated its Customer Support page to provide more details about it, starting with the launch time. Xbox One and PC users may preload two days in advance, while PlayStation 4 users will have to download the client roughly 30GB in size on the 25th. Interestingly, it was revealed that all those eligible for the Anthem VIP demo that is to say, customers who have pre-ordered or have an active Origin Access or EA Access subscription will be given three friend invite codes to distribute to whomever they please. All those who participate in the VIP demo will receive an in-game reward at the game's launch, as customary with pre-release tests these days. Furthermore, participants in the VIP demo will be happy to hear that their progress will carry over to the second demo, the public one, due to begin on February 1st once again at UTC.

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Preordered Anthem, linked my EA account, and no friend codes for me either. Says I do not have access to Xbox here. Same issue. Can't get friend codes. Sux.


Anthem VIP Demo Friend Codes


Anthem Beta V.I.P Code Begging thread - The VIP players all have 3 new best friends in waiting...




Anthem Redeem Vip Friend Code Ps4



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