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At Scott Roundy the Pool Guy, we provide a wide range of pool services. These include regular maintenance and repairs. Rely on us to meet all of your pool needs. Aside from that, regular upkeep will help you to save time and unexpected future costs.

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At Scott Roundy the Pool Guy, we provide a wide range of pool services. These include regular maintenance and repairs. Rely on us to meet all of your pool needs. Aside from that, regular upkeep will help you to save time and unexpected future costs.

Our team has been in the industry for over a decade proving that we are completely qualified to ensure fully functional pools and spas. We offer versatile services including maintaining both chlorine and salt water pool systems while paying great attention to details. Our company policy is to take care of "your pool" as if it was "our pool" in your backyard. In addtion, a log is kept in your control panel box detailing test results along with chemicals required to meet heath department and National Swimming Pool Foundation standard levels.

It is customary for us to blow off debris from your pool deck so as to leave your property in tip top condition. Our Chemical Only Team performs a thorough examination of equipment and chemical levels based on the Langelier Index so that they can add necessary compounds to keep your pool operating at optimum health department and National Swimming Pool Foundation safety standard levels. Open communication is valued with our clients, as we include a pool log in your control panel box outlining test results and chemical usage.

We provide various levels of support to those families who choose to care for their own pool needs. Our Repair Rescue Team prides itself in prompt and accurate trouble shooting diagnoses to facilitate accurate solutions to challenges regarding equipment dysfunction. Our goal is to regain full pool operations efficiently, timely and most cost effectively. Allow our professional technicians to provide you cost savings as they get your pool up and running as soon as possible so that the sky blue pool water color doesn't turn stagnant green.

You can rely on our expertise to restore your command center in a timely manner while saving costs. Our Repair Team is equipped to fix your current equipment or install a new system for you in the most cost effective manner possible. Salt water chlorination is process that uses dissolved salt as a store for the chlorination system. Over time it is common for these systems to lose performance as noticed by declining salt and chlorine levels.

Our Task Team is prepared and ready to repair or replace them for you. Plumbing is required to facilitate water flow throughout your pool equipment. Over time and due to various repairs, additional plumbing may become necessary. We have the skills necessary to keep your pool plumbing neat, tidy and functional. Age and normal wear and tear will cause leaks and the need for repairs in pool systems.

Our seasoned professionals are trained to quickly diagnose problems and efficiently repair leaks in your faulty system using the most cost effective measures. The main purpose of the swimming pool filter system is to keep your pool water clear and clean by removing airborne removing dirt and leaves, organic matter, bacteria and algae.

But, let not your heat be troubled because our skilled team will promptly mend it for you cost efficiently. Your Booster Pump propels a pressure side cleaner to constantly diminish debris in your pool. Because of its diligence, this pump will eventually wear out. Our speedy Care Team will be glad to restore or install a new booster pump for you at the best savings.

Many pool owners rely upon a robotic cleaner such as a Polaris or a Phantom to continuously remove debris in their pool. You can count on our staff to service your cleaner or provide you with a new one while sparing unnecessary costs. Having a well-Lit swimming pool enhances safety and fun to your evening dips. Make sure that your pool lights are functional so that you can avoid any inconvenience.

Our team will dive into the deep to rectify malfunctions while pinching the penny. Our team can have one installed for your pool easily and cost efficiently in addition to providing any necessary future repairs. If you are not a fan of chemicals in your pool, then a saltwater system is perfect for you. We can have them installed so that you can see the health benefits of saltwater for yourself at minimum costs.

Opening your swimming pool for the sunny season takes a lot of work. Let us handle it all for you. Pool Maintenance. Schedule Pool Services. Weekly Chemical Only Service. Equipment Diagnostics and Repair. Schedule Service. System Installation and Repair.

Coming Soon. When summer comes to a close, it may be time to close your backyard paradise. Schedule a Time to scale back your backyard playground.

How to Find a Great Pool Guy

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For many pool owners, weekly service visits from a trusted, licensed pool service company are a commonplace occurrence. But besides the noticeable result of the pool being cleaner, what else is happening when your service technician comes by? With his truck loaded with the necessary supplies, Cody is off to complete his route of about 20 pools all over Siesta Key. The jobs are completed whether the customer is present or not, which makes it easy as the home owner to go about your daily routine. On-Time also leaves a note behind with the time and date of the visit and exactly what tasks were completed.

Pool Industry Professionals

You may imagine some gruff but chipper guy named Stan with sun beaten skin and chlorine stained jeans trying to make some cash for the evening festivities. Pun intended. The reason you use that guy is because you trust him; he seems simple and trustworthy. Sadly, finding a good pool tech is just as difficult as finding a trustworthy mechanic. We know how hard it can be so here are a couple of tips to use while doing research to find a good pool man. This is the first stop I make when attempting to find any type of handyman; normally sourced from friends, family and your neighbors. The people you know in life will give you the straight truth about their experience. The thing I prefer about word of mouth over internet reviews is that we do not need to weed out spammers or customers who have an unwarranted grudge. Also they are likely to suggest the specific person they worked with so you can receive the same service. Review sites like these provide a wide scope of customer interaction with a company.

Gordie The Pool Guy: Vancouver’s Pool & Spa Guru

At The Pool Store by The Pool Guy, you can find pool equipment, pool chemicals, pool toys, pool accessories, and more, all in one convenient location. We can offer you everything you need to take care of your pool PLUS you can even count on our Price Match Guarantee call us for details. Additionally, we offer FREE water testing if you bring us a water sample as well as in store repairs to your Polaris pool cleaner. We are located at William D.

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Make a splash this summer with a custom swimming pool or spa installation from Gordie The Pool Guy. Gordie knows pools. Since , Gordie has installed over 1, of the most admired pools, spas, and water features in the Vancouver, BC area.

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Does your pool need some TLC? Pool Guy Supply can help. Get all your pool supplies online, whether you need pool pump motors or you want a pool vacuum to keep your swim space sparkling. We have everything you need to enhance your pool ownership experience and to turn you into the pool expert.


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Many pool/spa owners find routine maintenance to be extremely time consuming, as well as, challenging to keep chemicals at safe industry standard levels.


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