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When your daughter is no less than a princess, you need a name that is as royal and grand as the little girl. If you are looking for a name that has an aristocratic air to it, MomJunction has some options you can choose from. These classic and elegant names are perfect for parents looking for quaint and old-fashioned monikers for their baby. Have a look at them below! Albertine is a German name for girls.

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25 Baby Names for Girls Inspired By Real-Life Royalty

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When your daughter is no less than a princess, you need a name that is as royal and grand as the little girl. If you are looking for a name that has an aristocratic air to it, MomJunction has some options you can choose from.

These classic and elegant names are perfect for parents looking for quaint and old-fashioned monikers for their baby. Have a look at them below! Albertine is a German name for girls. Alexandra has a serious royal pedigree. Alexandra of Denmark, the great-grandmother of the present British Queen, was the first royal lady to bear this name.

The name Anastasia belonged to one of the daughters of the last czar of Russia. Anne is a tried and true royal favorite. You can even spell the name as Bernice. This pretty and feminine name has some of the most famous royal associations.

Caroline is another extremely popular name from the echelons of royal history. Charlotte, a gracefully regal name is the female form of Charles. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams, is the current famous bearer of this name. Christina, also spelled Kristina, was the moniker given to the Queen of Sweden and Princess Christina of the Netherlands. There have been several famous bearers of the royal courts with the name Clementine, such as Clementine of Orleans and Princess Clementine of Belgium.

It is also the name of a hybrid orange fruit. A famous royal bearer is Cordelia of Britain. Diana, the Roman goddess of women, childbirth, and hunting, is another royal name that you can consider for your princess. It has been used as a name since the 15th century but gained ground in the early 20th century.

The name is derived from the Provencal Alienor, and is not very common, even though it has a classy ring to it. Elizabeth is one of the strongest royal names for a baby girl. It was borne by two reigning queens, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II, along with a series of princesses and queen consorts. Elizabeth became the royal name for the first time in when Elizabeth de Burgh married Robert I.

The name could have also been derived from the French name Heloise, which in turn was derived from the German word Helewidis, which means hale and healthy. The most famous royal bearer of this name is Eloise of Orange-Nassau, daughter of Prince Constantijn. Fiona is the updated version of Irish and Scottish names Fionnuala and Finola. Fiona may be the name of a fictional princess, but it sounds trendy and is a great pick for your little girl.

If you want to go the traditional way, then Finola and Fionnuala can be considered. The name Frances may not have a royal lineage, but has close family ties with the Duke and Duchess. Lady Gabriella, who is now a journalist, is the beautiful daughter of Prince and Princesses Michael of Kent.

She is the 40th in line to the throne. Its royal cred is Georgiana Cavendish, a British duchess known for her beauty and nature. Gwyneth is derived from the Welsh word Gwyneth, which was the name of an ancient Welsh kingdom. The name Helena is commonly used as a tribute to Roman Empress St.

Helena, but it has a royal connection as well. Ellen and Helen are great nicknames for this name. Henrietta is another elaborate and elegant royal name for girls. Isabella, the Spanish form of Elizabeth, has been given to more than 20 queens and royal women of different countries.

Isla is also the name of a Scottish river and an island. Jane is not always a plain name. Kate is derived from the Latin Katharina, and short for Catherine. As you already guessed, Kate Middleton is perhaps the most popular princess to bear this name. Makeda, better known as the Queen of Sheba, ruled the ancient kingdom of Sheba. This Biblical name of Hebrew origin would definitely make a unique choice.

And before that, there was Queen Margaret of Scotland. But other successful royal women have borne this name too, so it is not all bad. Mary is a Biblical name, but it was a top pick for both royals and commoners in the 14th and 15th century. Or Mary Queen of Scots? Yes, that is why we picked it. Matilda, the Latin form of Maud, is an excellent Royal name.

This lacy name, which was extremely popular centuries ago, but is rarely heard now, is tied with Queen Maud of Norway. This chic and sporty name has found its way to the royalty as well. The beautiful Jordan Queen comes to our mind when we hear this name. Patricia of Connaught, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, is best known for renouncing the title of a British princess in order to marry a commoner. Philippa, the feminine form of Philip, is the name of the Queen of Sweden and a 3rd century martyr and saint.

Pippa is the nickname for this Greek name. Quinn is the latest addition to the royal girl names list. The name Rosalind is tied with the great-grandmother of Diana, the Princess of Wales. Rose is the middle name of Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowdon. Rose is the name of a flower. Peter Philips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, bestowed this elaborate name of native American origin on his first daughter. The feminine form of Theodore was used by several empresses of the Byzantine Empire.

This is one of the best royal names for girls. Scores of princesses in the past have been named Victoria to honor the stalwart Queen. You must have heard the story of the Polish Queen, who committed suicide by drowning herself to avoid marrying an enemy. Her name was Wanda!

Wilhelmina was the name of the Queen of the Netherlands who ruled from to Xenia is a Greek name meaning hospitality. Zetian sounds exotic. It was used by a female emperor of China in the year Whether you pick Anne, Diana, Yasmin, or Xenia, your little princess will love the name you choose for her with love.

So which royal girl name will you choose for your princess? Was this information helpful? Yes No.

65 Classy And Beautiful Royal Girl Names For Your Baby

Having trouble deciding on a name for your future son or daughter? If you need some royally sound inspiration, look to the world's monarchies for ideas. Here, Hello! A feminine spin on Charles, this has been the name of numerous nobles, including glamorous Princess Charlotte and the youngest Windsor, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. The artist daughter of the Duke of Marlborough shared the name.

For every parent, their daughters are queens! It does not matter if parents belong to an aristocrat family, but their daughters are princesses, and they provide all comfort and luxury to their daughters within their means. Selecting a suitable name for a baby girl who is no less than a princess is challenging.

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20 Baby Names That Are Royal Family Favorites

The most famous royal Catherine at the moment is of course Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. It can be shortened in many ways like Lizzie, Eliza, Beth, etc.. She passed away at the age of , in Confusingly, the original English spelling is Ann and the French spelling is Anne. Her son, Henry II, later became King. A classic, pretty name. She was the daughter of King George II. She is the daughter of Princess Madeleine. She has been the queen consort of Holland since April The name is of Latin origin, and can be shortened to Max.

45 Majestic Baby Names That Are Fit For Royalty

Browse our list of Russian baby names to find the perfect name for your baby girl or boy. Read More. Russian: The goddess; from Allat, name of pre-Islamic Arabic goddess of fertility. Anastasia is getting a makeover! Once best known as the evil sister from Cinderella and as a harsh-sounding Russian name

If you're the kind of mom who prefers classic girls' names to super-hip or trendy names-of-the-moment, royalty may just provide the inspiration you need. No, I'm not referring to the royal family that we all love and adore -- though Kate is a perfectly beautiful name.

Americans are high on Meghan, and falling out of love with Audrina. Those are among the findings from the Social Security Administration's most recent data on baby names. Here they are: the 50 most popular baby girl names in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration's statistics for A Top 50 girl name since , Claire has been climbing the popularity charts since the late s, or roughly since Phylicia Rashad ruled the sitcom world as "The Cosby Show"'s matriarch.

100 Italian Baby Names

Whether you have Italian roots or you simply love the way Italian names roll off the tongue, there are many choices of Italian names for your baby boy or girl. Much like the other Romance languages, Italian baby names may have originated in Latin, or they may be Latinized versions of names from other languages. Traditionally, Italian parents choose their children's names based on the name of a grandparent, choosing names from the father's side of the family first and then from the mother's side. Some Italians have also followed the tradition of naming their child after a patron saint.

Are you a mommy who prefers classic names over the hip and trendy ones? Are you looking for a regal name for your little queen? If yes, then you must read our post to get all the inspiration that you need. For every mommy, her daughter is the queen of her eyes. She tries to provide every comfort and luxury that is within her means, whether she belongs to an aristocratic family or not. So, start by giving your little queen a regal name.

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Royal baby number three is on his or her way, and the question on everyone's minds is: What will Prince William and Kate Middleton name their new arrival? If tradition stands, there's a good chance it will be a historic name. Check out which monikers are the royal family's favorites — one of them might just be perfect for your little prince or princess, too! Victoria was England's second longest-reigning monarch, after the current queen. She ruled for 63 years, so many royals pay homage to her by using Victoria as a middle name. The name also means "noble" in French, so it's a perfect pick for someone in line for the throne.

Sep 15, · Find out more baby girl names which mean "water" in three, four, Find out name meanings and origin of super cute baby names for sweet girls! Mar 05, · Beautiful Baby Girl Names Meaning Queen Your search for a.

Girl names that mean speed. We define them below! Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened. So go ahead and take your pick.

Princess Names Baby Names

I love a strong girl name — a name that will follow her wherever she goes in life without holding her back. Alexandria has been in rotation since as early as the 13th century and has been the moniker for several royals. If you love girl names with nicknames , check out this post! Either way, your little one will stand tall and proud with a moniker fit for royalty.

Badass princess is an image that appeals not only to contemporary little girls but to their parents when choosing a name. These unusual girls' names are attractive not so much because of their sound or their style but because of the complicated image they convey. These are rare baby girl names that are both decidedly feminine and rooted in tradition, but are not at all conventional or conservative. Among the quirkier, more unique badass princess names are Alouette, Fuchsia, Theodosia, and Xanthippe.





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